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1: Growing Pains
2: When The Sun Turns Black
3: Hold On Pt. 1
4: Now That I'm Loose (Hold On Pt.2)
5: Mountains To Climb

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About Cannon-Graham

Hi, my name is Cannon-Graham...

Okay, my name is actually Jacob Cannon Graham, but you can call me Cannon Graham. I am an independent musician, that has many passions in life. My primary passion is making real, authentic mountain music. I have self-produced a number of albums, and written scores of songs across several genres. I also developed my own signature picking style that I call "chugg picking."

 Besides music, I am also very passionate about entrepreneurship (I own a small business called Adriculture), suicide prevention (hence the AFSP fundraiser), hiking/camping (or really anything in the mountains), Reading (Ayn Rand is my favorite author), and playing racquet sports (My faves are pickle ball and tennis)

I also love connecting with people. In fact, that is probably why I love music so much. It is a way to connect with people on a deeper, more emotional level. I have struggled with depression for a many years, and music has allowed me to connect with others who struggle and provide them with messages of hope. It has provided me the opportunity to sing out what I have experienced and to help others see that things DO get better. Not always as quickly as we would like, but they do get better.   

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